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Mit unseren Projekten setzen wir uns für das Überleben von küstennah lebenden Delfinen und Walen ein. Wir arbeiten aktiv für den Erhalt der Artenvielfalt in den Weltmeeren.

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By force of arms
A bottlenose dolphin stood no chance when it came near an armed dolphin hater who downright riddled the dolphin with bullets. The porter of a hotel near the Istrian harbor of Porec aptly named "Dolphin" discovered the dead body off the Hotel’s beach. The necropsy yielded 7 pellets in the animal’s chest. The adult dolphin was a male of 3 m length and 227 kg of weight. He had slowly and painfully bled to death. The results of the examination suggest that the dolphin was...
Model for a marine protected area
In June 2012, a comprehensive 37-page report on the model for a marine protected area off La Gomera was published. It is based on 15 years of intensive whale and dolphin research and was also presente d to the Scientific Committee at the 64th Conference of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Panama. Moreover, the report was submitted to the Spanish authorities in charge in Madrid, to the environmental department of the government of the Canary Islands, and to...
Spectacular whale sighting
In late May 2013 a German yachtsman spotted 6 to 8 fin whales about 10 nautical miles north of Vis island. For over 11 years, GRD and its partners from Zagreb University have called on tourists and locals to report their sightings of whale and dolphins in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. But never before did we get such a spectacular sighting: A German yachtsman spotted 6 to 8 fin whales: "I saw two groups of three to four whales. The distance between them was big...
Conservation measures are bearing fruit
Two resident groups of dolphins living off the Paracas peninsula in southern Peru have been steadily gaining popularity, enjoying particular protection thanks to 13 years of our project work. We are happy about the number of calves observed: the mothers can be seen raising their young without interference. Since 1999, GRD has been supporting the Peruvian marine conservation organization ACOREMA. Our good cooperation has led to the development of various measures to...
Dances with dolphins - The story of Dean and JoJo
On May 14, the American dolphin conservationist, Dean Bernal, presented his new book "JoJo und ich" (JoJo and I) in the Munich Sealife Center. The book (currently only available in German), is about the deep and exceptional bond between him and a bottlenose dolphin. In an interview Dean told GRD more about this extraordinary friendship and his mission. Hollywood has made him as many as 50 to 60 offers for his story about him and JoJo, says Dean. But unlike in the movies,...
EDEKA will switch from dolphin-deadly to dolphin-safe tuna
GRD welcomes EDEKA’s decision to switch from a dolphin-deadly to a dolphin-safe tuna source as an important step in dolphin conservation. GRD has been warning consumers for over one year not to buy this specific tuna sold in EDEKA stores (see at the right) which is caught by a method that allows for purse seiners to chase and net dolphins. According to official figures, about 1,200 dolphins are killed each year during the dolphin-associated purse seine sets to catch tuna....
Warning: Gran Bahia Principe Tulum Holiday Resort in Mexico
Six dolphins kept in tiny pool: Don’t book a vacation at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum Holiday Resort! GRD advises tourists wishing to spend a holiday in Mexico against staying in the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum Holiday Resort at the Caribbean coast. Animal friends will be shocked: less than 20 m away from their natural habitat, six dolphins are kept in a tiny pool under horrific conditions on the Resort’s premises. For a fee, guests are invited to swim and play with the...
GRD’s Spectacular Foundation in 1991
Dear Dolphin Friends, When I founded the Society for the Conservation of Dolphins (GRD) 20 years ago, I had just returned from my third world circumnavigation, bringing back shocking films and facts from Alaska about the dolphin massacres taking place in the tuna fisheries. I succeeded in mobilizing the public, causing a public outcry and forcing the tuna industry to cooperate. Since then, over 95 % of the German tuna importers have joined Earth Island Institute’s...
Reflective nets: A Solution to the bycatch problem?
300,000 marine mammals are dying in fishing nets worldwide each year. In the North and Baltic seas set gill nets pose a threat in particular to harbor porpoises. The development of dolphin-friendly nets could be a hope for the endangered animals. Sven Koschinski and Prof. Boris Culik, German marine zoologists from Kiel, made behavioral studies involving harbor porpoises at the Canadian west coast to find solutions to the bycatch problem. In the summer of 2003, they...


Patenschaften für eine kleine Fee
Fee ist ein noch sehr kleiner Indopazifischer Großer Tümmler. Sie wurde im Juni 2016 geboren und lebt mit ihren...
Extrem seltene Jagdmethode: Weg mit dem Fischkopf
Eigentlich waren Errol Ronje und seinen Kollegen von der Nationalen US-Meeres- und Fischereibehörde im...
Delfine in der Nacht und ein Buckelwal
Wo sind Delfine, wenn es dunkel ist? Es gehört zwar nicht zu den Fragestellungen des von uns unterstützten...
Beobachtungsstation zur Lenkung der Whalewatching-Boote
Mit der im Frühjahr 2017 auf La Gomera eröffneten permanenten Station zur landgestützten Beobachtung von Delfinen...
Letzte Chance für die letzten rosa Delfine vor Taiwan
Die Taiwanesen lieben ihre rosa Delfine. Doch allen Schutzbemühungen zum Trotz nimmt ihre Zahl immer weiter ab. Bei...
Get-Together-Party in der Marina Baotić Yachting in Trogir
Am 21. Juni veranstalteten Baotić Yachting in ihrer Marina in Seget Donji (Trogir) ein Fest, bei dem auch an die...

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Portrait des Weltumseglers Rollo Gebhard - Der Herr der sieben Meere."Um Hilfe können Delfine nicht rufen, doch wir können gemeinsam dafür sorgen, dass ihre Not nicht unbemerkt bleibt, und dort Hilfe leisten, wo sie dringend gebraucht wird!"
Rollo Gebhard, dreimaliger Weltumsegler und Gründer der GRD, 1921-2013.


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