Delfinschutzzentrum-Molat-07-04-13-21Together with our Croatian partners from Zagreb University and the nature conservation organization VAL, we celebrated the inauguration of our dolphin conservation center on the northern Dalmatian island of Molat in early July.

The 40 something guests included journalists as well as representatives of agencies and institutions in Zagreb, Zadar, and the island of Molat.

The locals were also very much interested in this new facility on their island. "We are supporting this initiative and are very happy that it’s based here in our community," says Denis Mračić, president of the local council, to the Croatian TV channel HRT 1, who documented the inauguration.

With a solemn ribbon-cutting ceremony we officially opened the Center.

Projekt vesselThen project member Martina Duras led a tour through the buildings, followed by a brief presentation by project staff member Tom Gomerčić about the German-Croatian project to "Save the last Adriatic Dolphins" from its beginnings in 1999 until today. The inauguration rounded off with a small buffet.

So far, the Center is just minimally equipped with the most basic items, as is the information center with its posters, brochures, and a bottlenose dolphin skull. Some other things, including work stations and working equipment are still lacking.

The Center is an important milestone in our efforts to save the last dolphins in Croatia
It is ideally located in northern Dalmatia to serve as a permanent base for the fieldwork and as an information center for locals and tourists to learn more about the marine mammals living in the Croatian waters.
Ulrike Kirsch

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