EDEKA-dolphin-deadly-tunaGRD welcomes EDEKA’s decision to switch from a dolphin-deadly to a dolphin-safe tuna source as an important step in dolphin conservation.

GRD has been warning consumers for over one year not to buy this specific tuna sold in EDEKA stores (see at the right) which is caught by a method that allows for purse seiners to chase and net dolphins.

According to official figures, about 1,200 dolphins are killed each year during the dolphin-associated purse seine sets to catch tuna.

One year ago, the renowned German TV show "Kontrovers", which addresses political and consumer issues, reported about EDEKA’s dolphin-unsafe tuna and this year they broadcasted a brief update – our protests are bearing fruit!

Remainders of this dolphin-deadly tuna are still sold in some EDEKA stores. The label claims that this tuna was caught sustainably, but the truth is that it is stained with the blood of dolphins.
April 2012, U.Karlowski

Consumer Tips

Watch out for the Dolphin-SAFE Tuna Logo

NewDolphinSafe_2Make sure that when you buy canned tuna you see this logo. The registered SAFE logo by the American NGO Earth Island Institute (EII) is only awarded to companies affiliated with the international dolphin safe tuna monitoring program and regularly monitored by the GRD and EII.

For further information and a current list of approved German tuna importers, retailers, and brands please check:

⇒ (Germany)

⇒ (Earth Island Institute)

Watch out for the Friend of the Sea (FoS) Sustainable Seafood Logo

FOS-Logo240dpiThis logo stands for certified sustainable seafood. It has been developed by staff of the Earth Island Institute and includes the adherence to EII’s tuna dolphin SAFE standards.

It is available for sustainable seafood from fisheries and aquaculture.

For further information please check the FoS website:


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