ssc-trip-1-19-wThe magnificent diversity of marine life in the Red Sea, Egypt, makes Hurghada one of the top diving destinations in the world.

Apart from dolphin watching, swimming with wild dolphins has become another popular tourist attraction, the two growing at an alarming rate. This uncontrolled growth must be countered to protect the marine mammals living there.

The cetaceans are not only facing threats of being injured by reckless boat drivers who drive into dolphin schools at full speed or chase the animals; the dolphins are also put under stress by the great number of people above and under water, which disturbs their natural behavior.

Without protective measures they will be driven from their habitats sooner or later.

dolphin-watch-alliance-logoDolphin Watch Alliance (DWA)
By means of dolphin adoptions, GRD has started to support the activities of Angela Ziltener, a Swiss zoologist who has been studying the dolphins living in Hurghada’s waters for many years, thereby noticing the change in the marine mammals‘ living conditions.

In 2012, she founded the non-profit NGO "Dolphin Watch Alliance" to improve the protection of marine mammals in Egypt. Research, environmental education, and public awareness raising campaigns are the main activities of her organization.

A first success
In cooperation with HEPCA, an environmental organization in Egypt, DWA has already achieved a first success. Thanks to their lobbying work, an area known to be a resting zone for dolphins, is being closed for one month to tourist boats.